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信臻基金-Minmetals Trust . First Vision



As a non-banking financial institution, Minmetals International Trust Co. Ltd. is owned by China Minmetals Group specializing in trust business. With an investment capital of 1.2 billion RMB, the company's business involves property trust, private equity trust, asset securitization, loan, securities underwriting, financial consulting, and investment fund, etc. Minmetals Group is a large enterprise running its business in global market, mainly in the development, production and trade of metals and mineral products, and business in finance, real estate and logistics as sidelines. In 2011, it ranked as No.169 in the Top 500 enterprises. In 2010, the Group's proceeds of business reached 255 billion RMB. With the support of Minmetals Group who has its professional advantages in various areas, Minmetals International Trust Co. Ltd. is brave in innovation and prudent in operation, making it into a guru with its distinctive characteristic of efficiency in trust industry.

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